HPX is exploring the South Voisey’s Bay project, located in Labrador, Canada, through a strategic partnership with Fjordland Exploration Inc. (FEX.V). HPX is a 29.5% shareholder in Fjordland with the right to earn up to a 65% interest in the project.

The South Voisey’s Bay (SVB) property lies 90 km south of the world-class Voisey’s Bay Ni-Co mine and hosts the prospective Pants Lake intrusive complex. Intrusions at both the SVB project and Voisey’s Bay mine are the same age, hosted within the same country rock and emplaced along the same important tectonic boundary. The SVB property is known to host economic grades, however, historical exploration did not target conduit mineralization that is now known to host the nearby Voisey’s Bay deposits.

A report by Kerr (2012) estimated that up to 15 Mt of nickel-copper metals have been deported into sulphides in the Pants Lake Intrusions. This means there should be large accumulations of massive sulphides to be found somewhere in the intrusive complex. HPX aims to apply modern paradigms of deposit formation and leverage our technological and management experience in collaboration with JV option partners to locate Canada’s next world class nickel-copper-cobalt deposit.

HPX, Fjordland, and Commander are currently advancing an exploration program targeting large and high quality conductors that occur in the favourable dynamic magma conduits that the latest science has shown to control the emplacement of massive Ni-Cu-Co sulphides at other camps worldwide, including Voisey’s Bay.

Scale comparison, Voisey’s Bay camp vs South Voisey’s Bay


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