The Typhoon™ data acquisition system is the most accurate and powerful IP and EM geophysical survey technology available to base metal explorers today.

Deeper, faster, better

Typhoon™ technology provides better quality primary signal, allowing for higher resolution, larger scale and deeper detection than existing technology.

High-powered geophysical systems have been used for many years in a variety of exploration situations but now Typhoon™ can see deeper, survey faster and provide better results.

Representing the next generation of geophysical systems, Typhoon™ provides much higher output than earlier systems.

Greater depth penetration

Typhoon™ uses high power and a precisely controlled signal to provide a very high signal-to-noise ratio, for greater depth penetration - up to 5X deeper than other equipment. Our ability to precisely control and tune the waveform allows both time domain and frequency domain IP and EM to be acquired.

We can acquire this information in a variety of configurations, including: gradient array or pole-dipole IP; and fixed loop, moving loop or downhole EM.

Fast surveys, tough conditions

Typhoon™ can survey where other systems are ineffective.

The high quality signal produced remains pure even in hostile recording conditions and is especially effective at injecting current into areas of very high contact resistance.

The immense power of Typhoon™ means large areas can be covered quickly, reducing the cost per unit area. The increased power and better signal also mean less time preparing the ground and electrodes.

Better processing

The clean, high quality signal obtained by Typhoon™ must be maintained throughout data processing.

At HPX, we use custom software and advanced IP processing methods to preserve the quality of the signal.

This allows us to define subtle targets at greater depths.

Safe, efficient, reliable

Unlike conventional systems, the Typhoon™ data acquisition system is an “all-in-one” unit, with the generator and transmitter packaged together.

The system is available in various configurations making it suitable for diverse exploration environments.

On-board intelligent electronics instantly shut down the system if potentially hazardous situations are detected.


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