Together with our strategic partners at Computational Geosciences Inc., we optimise survey design and processing to rapidly extract maximum information from new and existing datasets.

Survey design and optimization

By combining HPX in-house expertise with the data processing capabilities of our strategic partners at Computational Geosciences Inc. we optimise survey design before each survey to uncover the best possible results.

For optimal survey design we:

  • Choose the best geophysical methods to define the target
  • Predict the ideal transmitter and receiver locations and operating frequencies
  • Balance real-world budgets and logistical constraints
  • Rigorously test the performance of our design against geological models

Expert inversion

At HPX we combine several commercial processing and inversion packages with our own proprietary software and methods to create the most accurate and reliable 2D images and 3D models from gravity and magnetic data.

For more advanced geophysical techniques, including EM and IP datasets, HPX works with its strategic partner Computational Geosciences Inc., a world leader in the application and development of inversion and forward modelling methods.

We can:

  • Invert data obtained from various sources, receivers and configurations
  • Work with any topography or environment
  • Model complex targets in 3D
  • Perform detailed regional inversions (billion cells) utilizing advanced OcTree meshing
  • Deliver results quickly

Strategic partner

Computational Geosciences Inc. provides leading edge technological solutions to maximize the value of geophysical exploration surveys.

Finding and identifying tomorrow’s resources in a cost efficient and effective way requires employing increasingly complex geophysical methods and data processing tools.

Computational Geosciences Inc. utilizes new technologies and the most effective algorithms to ensure that the predicted physical property models have the highest accuracy possible.


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