Latest geophysical technology

HPX discovers new and untapped base metal resources by combining exploration excellence with the latest geophysical technologies.

With a focus on metal exploration, the experienced HPX team deploys proprietary in-house geophysical technologies to rapidly evaluate buried geological targets.

Our approach comprises geological and geophysical systems for area selection and targeting, survey optimisation, acquisition, processing, modelling, and interpretation.

Exploring deeper, faster and better

We generate higher quality geological predictions of the sub-surface, to explore in areas where other systems are ineffective.

Our strategies and techniques allow us to explore deeper, faster and better than other geophysical systems.

Our proprietary in-house geophysical technology has capabilities that make it possible to revisit areas previously explored.

We see what others cannot to uncover hidden targets and breath new life into exploration permits.

HPX uses the latest geophysical techniques to remotely identify accumulations of ore minerals below the surface.

Why geophysics?

Explorers use a combination of tools to find buried mineral deposits and geophysics is one of the most valuable because it:

  • covers large areas quickly
  • can penetrate deep into the earth
  • causes minimal environmental damage and community interruption.

Identifying rock properties remotely

The aim of all these geophysical techniques is to use particular properties of rocks to identify clusters of valuable ore minerals, such as chalcopyrite, bornite, and galena, or the alteration minerals that surround ore bodies, such as pyrite, magnetite, hematite, silica, and clays.

A wide range of methods

Geophysicists use the latest technology to visualise the structure and composition of the earth below the surface with a combination of maths, physics and earth science skills. Commonly used methods include seismic, magnetic, electromagnetic, radiometric and gravity.

Remote measurements

All geophysical methods are non- or minimally-invasive and can be measured anywhere from a sensor on or in the earth, from an aeroplane or helicopter, to a satellite orbiting thousands of kilometres overhead.

Powerful, high quality signal

High-powered geophysical systems have been used for many years in a variety of exploration situations.

Our Typhoon™ data acquisition system is the next generation of geophysical system designed to provide much higher output and cleaner primary signal than has previously been possible.

The improved power and signal quality, plus the flexibility for a range of applications ensures that the Typhoon™ system provides better exploration success with higher resolution, larger scale and deeper detecting surveys.

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